Soaring Ventures

Investment Criteria

SOARING Ventures is looking for:

Early and growth stage companies that are located in Western United States but we go where great companies are.

We are looking for early and growth stage companies providing information technology and services to enterprises and consumers, security, IT for healthcare, wireless mobility, financial services, ecommerce, and electronic payments.

Characteristics of Sustainable Businesses

SOARING Ventures believes certain characteristics are critical for a business to be sustainable. Therefore, when evaluating potential investment opportunities, we apply the following criteria:
  • Market: The business should be pursuing an emerging opportunity that has the potential to become at least a $1 billion industry.
  • Competition: The market should include a limited number of established or potential competitors.
  • Barriers to Entry: The business concept should be based upon a defensible technology or intellectual property.
  • Leadership: The founding team should have deep relevant experience, have built a prior sustainable business and have shown that it can make significant progress on prior funding or sweat equity.
  • Exit Strategy: The company should be IPO-bound and be able to achieve profitability independently.  Merger or acquisition is also an acceptable outcome.


SOARING Ventures may be the sole investor in a small round or we may co-invest along with other venture capital firms in a larger round.

Seed Stage: our initial investment is typically $100,000 - $250,000
Early Stage:  investment is typically $1 to $3 million.
Growth Stage: investment is typically $3 to $5 million.