Soaring Ventures


Aircraft Fuel was started in 2005 to offer pilots and flight departments one-stop shopping to easily compare the best Jet-A fuel prices offered by numerous discount/contract fuel programs at a glance.  Annual membership levels are based on fuel quantity.  Most pilots save more than the annual fee on their first tank.

“Fuel planning used to be a tedious, time consuming task, now I get it accomplished in minutes.”  Al Edwards, Corporate Pilot


Billeo enables consumers to view and pay online bills directly — for over 4,500 billers, many with a VISA card. Billeo has a tool bar that they call “your personal assistant for passwords, shopping and bill pay.” You can give your assigned Billeo email address to biller's and then receive all statements, reminders in one central location.

Steven is a member of the Board of Advisors.  He assists the Billeo team, with his extensive ecommerce knowledge and contacts.


FeedTribes offers a unique wireless / cell phone payment system that turns any cell phone into a credit card.  Now you can pay for your coffee, favorite pizza or just about anything with your cell phone or Blackberry®. FEED is a prepaid account that is linked to your cell phone.


ICVerify was ahead of its time.  They were pioneers in the area of ecommerce in the early 1990's.  Their PC based software enabled both retail and internet merchants to easily process credit card transactions. ICVerify could be run as a stand-alone software or could be integrated into an existing POS programs. The product continued to grow as needs arose, it had the ability to do batch settlement, recurring billing, address verification, all new concepts in the growing ecommerce arena.

They raised two rounds of Venture Capital financing with MDV, USVP, and Robertson Stephens in 1995 and 1997.  In 1998, they merged with Cybercash (NASDAQ: CYCH) where Steven became Vice-Chairman.

The Magellan Network

The Magellan Network offers numerous services to the restaurant and hospitality industry.  It’s first flagship product is Magellan Reservations, a powerful web-based tool that enables restaurants to take online reservations. Diners can go online 24x7x 365 and the restaurants can be alerted to reservations in a variety of forms- phone, fax, or email. It enables restaurants to drive diners to available seating times,  attract new diners and increase existing diner loyalty. By capturing contact information for these diners, the restaurants can also create email marketing campaigns to these diners for special events and loyalty programs. Restaurants can integrate the reservations capability quickly and easily- it is a 10 minute set up process and they are up and running.  They do not need to commit to purchasing additional hardware or software to utilize this service—they don’t even need a computer in their restaurant!


Paradata created an IP (Internet Protocol) based virtual terminal that is used by internet and other merchants processing large batches of non-card present transactions. As Executive Chairman of Paradata, Steven arranged the sale of Paradata to Payment Processing Inc. in January, 2006.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing Incorporated was founded in March 1995 by ICVerify to assist merchants in establishing credit card processing accounts to utilize the ICVerify software. Most banks were unaccustomed to merchants using a PC-based program to process credit card transactions, so PPI became a “specialist” in this area. In December 1996, it was spun off into its own company.

Price Radar

PriceRadar’s leaps ahead of other online auction aggregation and pricing sites with its patent-pending PinPoint classification technology.  PriceRadar searches eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, and dozens of other auction sites, and uses its patent-pending search and classification technology to help users locate specific items almost instantly. Providing over 100,000 auction categories – far more than any other online auction site - PriceRadar lets users quickly search and locate the exact items they want to bid on.

With the new site’s advanced searching capabilities, price guides, deal tracking and bidder notification, PriceRadar answers the two key questions facing online auction users: “where can I find an item quickly?” and “what is it worth?”

In 2001, the technology was sold to Ebay.